Assiniboine Credit Union River Trail presents free programming and fun activities on the weekends for the whole family. Skate, walk, run or sled along the Guiness World Record-holding longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world and enjoy the picturesque sights of Winnipeg as you’ve never seen it before, from the frozen Assiniboine River.

Beginning at the heart of the city, The Forks and managed by the Festival du Voyageur inc. for close to twenty years, the Assiniboine Credit Union River Trail is a winter family tradition. The 2009 Assininiboine Credit Union River Trail will only run along the Assiniboine River, with plans to reach all the way to Assiniboine Park. When we reach it, we will beat our own Guinness record! Last year’s trail was 8.54 km and this year’s could be up to 9.0.

There are many access points along the trail, along with heated shelters and cabins. As we continue to build the trail, check back here often for information on those access points and positioning of heated shelters.

Ice Painting

Ice Painting

Professional painting contractors from Calgary will be coming over to Help us paint the frozen river. What better way to celebrate winter than on a giant ice canvas.


Access and egress the trail only at approved access points. The riverbank can be unstable along certain sections. Check the website for updated conditions, grooming reports and closures. It will be updated daily.

Know your limits.

9 kilometres is a long way and will take an hour to skate or more. Remember it is also 9 kilometres back. Check the wind direction, you may not feel the wind if it is at your back and may be an issue when skating in to it. Slow down when approaching the bridges. Sand from the streets above can sometimes fall on to the trail.

Remember the River is a moving organic entity. Surface cracks can appear anywhere along the trail. Be vigilant.

On snowfall days

On snowfall days please stay off the trail until we can clear it. Packed snow is very hard to remove. Keep back from the flooding machines, tractors and Zambonis.

Keep your litter with you and dispose of it properly.